Better Sleep
For A Brighter Life

A smart bed for people with sensory issues

Meet Sophia

Sophia has a bright life ahead of her. She’s smart, kind, and loved by her family. She also has Autism.

Sophia has trouble calming down and only gets a few hours of sleep a night. She can be clumsy, sometimes hurts herself and her parents worry about her running from safe environments.

Many of these issues stem from her sensory processing. She has difficulty processing sound, light, motion, and other stimuli. It can be overwhelming and distracting.

In a world that isn’t built for people like Sophia,
Boogaloo Beds are here to help.

How Does A Boogaloo Help?

Our Smart Beds Allow A Person To Completely Control Their Sensory Environment


Our soothing sensory environment will help your child calm down faster and sleep longer.

Sensory Control

Your Boogaloo acts as a cocoon,
blocking and controlling sensory input.


With cameras, sensors, and protective padding, we provide 24/7 safety for your child.

Our Mission

To Improve Sleep & Safety For People With Autism
And Other Sensory Disorders

Sleep More
Worry Less

Sleep is critical. Not only for your child but for your entire family. We know that many families struggle get the sleep they need.

Other families who have children with Autism are constantly paranoid, wondering if their child is safe from elopement or self-harm.

We’re building technology to help. Join us in our journey.

80% Have Sleep
50% Safety

Why This Is Needed

Feedback From Families

Simon lost his voice and began having seizures.
He simply needs a safe place to sleep.

Family FromToronto, CA

Autumn has been on meds so long that she’s immune.
When she wakes up, so do her 4 siblings. We need a safe space.

Family FromAustin, TX

Josh started head banging and hurting himself. Sleep has always been an issue.
He sleeps 4-6 hrs a night and is up 3-4 times.

Family FromDenver, CO

Lindsey hurts herself but also attacks others.
At this time we don’t have a safe space for her to go to.

Family FromBrisbane, AU

The Problem With Sleep Meds

Sleep is critical for energy, learning, and behavior.

But the world was not designed for people with sensory issues so many families resort to medications to help with sleep.

Studies show that they can have bad side effects, lose their effectiveness over time, and worsen daytime behavior.